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(no subject)

Nov. 30th, 2007 | 10:41 pm
music: The police - Every Step You Take.

Ok.. So once a week posting failed... Does I was really busy.. and really tired count as a good excuse? No? Didn't think so...
Well anyways, things here have been hectic, fun, sad, and weird...
As some of you would know it was my Birthday in October, I had a REALLY great day, it just so happened to be the same day as National Vet Nurses day! The girls at work bought me this OMG delicious cake for my birthday! It was chocolate sponge with chocolate mousse filling and icing.. and I'm drooling just thinking of it again! They also bought me a REALLY cute card, that suites me well, I'll try to scan it one day when I can be bothered (Don't hold your breath...). They also gave me some money to spend on a new doona cover which I have been wanting for a while. I also got a great dinner out with a few friends at a Korean BBQ place. Very nice and filling, but a bit too much marinated meat.
Umm what else has been happening... O! Squeek! I have been bottle feeding a little kitten since he was 1 or 2 days old, he is now about 6 weeks old. He is very cute and has ALOT of attitude. He is now onto solid food and is enjoying running around after me and Mitchell. VERY cute. I want to keep him...
I am still playing WOW. Unfortunately I've been suckered into Raiding, which is quite fun, but very time consuming. So far my little priest has been present for quite a few raid boss deaths, including A'lar, High Astromancer Solarian, Void Raver,  Hydross, Lurker and some of the new Zul'aman bosses who's names I don't know... Now for most of you that means nothing.. But its an achievement for me :p
O yeah! I started some work on the garden this month! Planted some day lillies, hydrangea, daisies, and some other plants I forget the name of. Also ripped out most of the weeds in the garden. Should be pretty when they all start growing properly. I just REALLY want some Arum lillies, apparently they are noxious weeds in SA!!! So I don't think any nurseries are going to have them for sale, but I'm going to go searching! I hope I find them!
Anyways, kind tired. I think I might go crash!

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October means Spring!

Oct. 2nd, 2007 | 09:39 pm
music: KOY - Noone

So... Spring is finally here! I'm not sure whether I'm happy or sad about that as I don't like heat, and my eyes hurt in the sun, but I get to watch the lovely roses in my garden bloom! I need to find somewhere nearby that sells lillies, and some other pretty plants.
Anyway, its been a long time since I last posted, since then I've been to both Avcon and Manifest. I won't go into detail, except to say my costumes were a flop. Hazuki, the costume I wore to avcon was OK, except my petticoat was lumpy and not as fluffy as I wanted, was quite disappointed in the overall look of it aswell. O well, at least I got to have purple hair! My manifest costume was even more of a flop and Hazuki, mainly because I didn't get to finish it! Quite sad, I don't know if I will have the energy to finish it (and theres no much LEFT to do to it!), Mitch wants me to finish it, I guess I'll try.....
Hmmm... What else... O yeah.. Equine influenza.. BLEH! I wanna go ride my horse.. but he's stuck in Melb and I can't bring him over T_T O well, He's probably enjoying his time with all the foals on the property.
Work has been pretty good so far. The nurses and vets are really nice, friendly and easy to get along with. I'm quite lucky to have found such a great place to work, my only complaint would be that its a bit far to drive when u drive it every day. Speaking of pets, Cindy got out of the backyard on Friday, I received a phone call (after 3 sms, and about 10 missed calls...) from a very lovely lady who had found Cindy wondering around near the very busy main road next to our house. Thankfully she is safe, albeit with sore feet from running on concrete for a large part of the day. So Cindy got to spend some of the day in a boutique store down the road being pampered and admired by the people of Burnside village >.< Lets just hope the new gate gets fitted soon!

Well thats it from me, I shall try to keep posting a least weekly... But no promises ^_~

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Melbourne... Hot hot Melbourne!

Feb. 5th, 2007 | 06:36 pm
mood: hopeful hopeful
music: Alice Cooper - Poison

So yeah... For those of you that don't know I am currently back in Melbourne, house sitting my dads house and baby sitting my own pets @_@. My dad has been in Tasmania for the last week on his annual fishing trip, and shall not return until next Saturday or Sunday. As a result I have returned to Melbourne to ensure my pets do not starve to death =/
Unfortunately when I got here I found one of my fish was dead, and my cats had destroyed my screen door and had been exploring the neighborhood *sigh* My dad left the next day and only gave me a small amount of money to survive ($50 to feed me and my pets for 2 weeks....) So no need to mention I wasn't in the best of spirits last weekend...
Anyways! Last week was full of a few adventures. I had dinner with Sly in the city on Tuesday and finally returned the DVD's he had lent me! Dinner was good! Though we were both to full to have gelatti but I did find my much searched and longed for green tea <3 It also gave us a good chance to catch up on gossip and just to talk nonsense as friends generally do ^_^
The rest of the week, and most of the weekend I have spent buying material and sewing costumes. Unfortuntely each time I went to Spotlight I forgot to buy something, and had to return the next day... Or try to get it form the not so well endowed material shop in Sunbury. So far I have completed a large amount of my Eruruu costume, though not extremely happy with the result so far it will do. As for my Hazuki costume... Well I'm trying to avoid things that will make me angry.. So I've not done much more on it since I left for Adelaide in December!
On Saturday I had to wake up early to go to the bank so I could pay for my horse to be shod. That was an amusing event! I headed down to the agistment place (Place where I keep my horse) and couldn't remember what paddock he was in at the time as the property owner tends to move him around with her horses to wherever there is most grass. I took a chance of walking down to the front past the two quite cute foals and found George (My horse). He was in quite a good mood so I took him upto the shed and gave him a bit of a brush and awaited the farrier (guy that puts shoes on horses). So the farrier finally came and I see a very OLD acquaintance from the property I first learned to ride. We talked a bit while George was being shod, but she soon had to get other horses ready and left.
Unfortunately I am not very fond of hot weather, nor the sun, as I burn easy, and lose all energy in the heat, so waiting in the heat for over an hour, holding my horse while he was being shod kind of took its toll on me. I began to feel quite dizzy and almost passed out. Not sure why exactly, but I don't want to experience that again, it was quite scary!
As I wasn't feeling to good after George was finally finished with I though I'd put him back in his paddock and go home to have a drink and a good shower to get all the dirt off me. So as I was putting George back into his paddock he decided to rush through the half opened gate, squashing my into the gate and then pulling me away from it as I still unfortunately had hold of his lead, and the chain on the gate. As a result I now have three rope burned fingers on my right hand and a very bruised and sore thumb on my left hand. *sigh* Horses can be so dangerous at times! MY hands are recovering at the moment, though my thumb is worrying me a little.
Anyways! This week should be quite busy! I have alot of work to do, and a few dinners/events with some good friends!
Tuesday I shall spend with George and sewing. I may take two of my cats to the vet if I have time, and if the vet has time! (How redundant.. a vet taking her pets to a vet... *grumbles*) I also need to microchip two cats and probably my dog before I take them to Adelaide... 
Wednesday will be a great night out! I get to meet up with Alexander, Chi and Moddy for dinner at the Market! I can't wait as I've not seen them for a while, and the food is gooooood!
Thursday and Friday I plan to sew. I want to have my Eruruu costume finished before I leave for Adelaide again. I would also like to have my Hazuki costume almost complete.
Saturday I shall be visiting Jolene and the vet girls for a Welcome home dinner for her as she will be returning from Thai Land and Hong Kong! How exciting! I can't wait!
Sunday is Andy's birthday lunch! At some park really far away from me *sigh* I really dislike living so far away from my friends as it takes such a long time to drive out to meet with them! But I guess the drive is worthwhile! I quite look forward to meeting up with Andy and his friends! As well as the anime gang!
Well... I think I've blabbered on for long enough... I shall go and sew a before I cook something for dinner!

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The price of WoW - One soul thanx!

Jan. 13th, 2007 | 01:23 pm
mood: thirsty thirsty
music: WoW BGM and Ventrillo @_@

So yes, as of Wednesday night I have had my own WoW account and started to play a cute little Tauren hunter! (For the normal people out there she looks like a cross between a person and a white cow..) WoW is quite fun to play, very addictive and time consuming, but atleast it lets mewhile away the time that I'm not hunting for a job... Or so annoyed at the vet jobs in SA that I can't bear the thought of looking at the classifieds anymore.

I still have not found a job, but atleast centrelink are now giving me SOME money in exchange for the other soul that WoW hasn't already consumed... (Apply for 10 jobs each 2 wees, whether or not I want to work there -_- What a waste of peoples time looking at someones resume that doesn't even want the job *sigh)

O well! I guess I'll go book my flight home... Think I'll head back to Melb on the 26th or something of the sort.

See you soon <3

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Wine, Roses and Ice Cream!

Jan. 8th, 2007 | 02:28 pm
mood: excited excited
music: KOY - No One

Hmmm I'm not quite sure how to start this entry today... I only recently got up after another sleepless night @_@ stupid weather *sigh* So I'm a bit sluggish and sleepy still, well here goes!

On Friday Mitch and I went on a winery tour with some of Mitch's friends from Melbourne who were down for a bit of a holiday. (Yeah he knows more Melbourne people than me...) Now quite a few of you will be wondering why the hell I went on a winery tour as I
don't drink. Well... The answer... is... well... I dunno, wineries tend to have really nice gardens and it was something new to do I guess *shrug*  Well anyways, we had a nice 7am wake up so that we could get to Glenelg beach on time to catch the bus. So, yeah the tour started at 8-ish and I found out there is a more crazy driver than my dearest Dai Gor Alexander... And her name is Gayle! Each time we were on the bus I spent half the time trying to stay on the seat.. and the other half staring down cliffs thinking OMG We're going to die! Well I didn't die, and I managed to stay on the seat! During our tour we visited the Big/Giant Rocking horse, it was quite cute, but we ran out of time to climb it as the bus and Gayle were in a hurry. The rest of the tour included about four different wineries in the Barrossa Valley area. Some of them were very pretty, others kinda boring. One winery had a little Opal shop as the owner also owned a opal mine or something like that.. I really think Opals are quite pretty, even if I don't own any :p So our tour finished at 5-ish and we were dropped off at Glenelg again. Once we got home Mitch and I just collapsed, we were so exhausted from the day and the heat... I think we slept straight through from about 8 or 9pm until 2pm the next day @_@

O yeah! Saturday night was a VERY belated dinner to celebrate Mitchell's birthday! It was a nice little family gathering! We went out to this really nice Japanese restaurant called Genki. It was a great night out! Good company, great food and a nice cup of Green tea for me ^_^ I also got to witness someone eating sushi with a knife and fork! Very funny ^_^ We then continued the party at Mitchell's house were we had some ice cream cake and chatted more. We were also visited by another spider... And I found out that I am the most arachnophobic person from that group -_- Damned spiders... and damned people who tease me about them!

O yeah! I also found out that Mitchell has a few rose bushes around his house @_@ Strange! I should go and do some gardening or something one day to discover more surprises ^_^ 
I will also shortly be enjoying the wonders of World of Warcraft ^_^;; Yeah... I've been suckered in completely! Mitch is in the process of fixing up one of his old computers for me with the greatly appreciated help from Grant, so I will soon be able to play! ^_^ I can't wait.!!! Getting kinda impatient!

Anyways, its Monday now, even though my computer insists that its only sunday @_@ So I should go to the bank or something and be productive... Damnit I need a job -_-

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Adelaide <3

Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 12:05 am
mood: tired tired
music: Rammstein - Engel

Waiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Its 2007!! Happy New Year!!! *Throws confetti on people cos she has no other interesting things to throw at people*
I'm finally in Adelaide, for a little visit. The plane trip over was quite scary! The ascent and descent was horribly frightening.. Lots of turbulence... and I'm not sure if it was the pilot or the air at fault >.< It was so scary even the lady sitting next to me was gripping the armrests and wincing so it wasn't just me.
NYE was great! I had dinner with Mitchell and his family, very fun and happy ^_^  We then went to a house party which was great. Lots of fun, many people to meet and chat with... Even if there were alot of naked people (Who I so happened to be able to avoid, thankfully! :D)
Umm... Yeah... Been busy trying to get centrelink to be nice to me.. but just getting shoved around and confused.. So yeah... annoyed... Have another appointment with them tomorrow, should be amusing! Atleast I get to go into the city and have fun! I hope its not to hot...
Anyways I'm quite hot and tired, so I doubt that this is making any sense so I think I'll go to bed..

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Busy Busy!

Dec. 29th, 2006 | 03:15 pm
mood: crazy crazy
music: Morning Musume - Sakura Mankai <3

Wahhh!! Its Friday! For those of you that don't know I shall be flying over to Adelaide on NYE! Should be fun! I can't wait to see Mitch again! As well as the other Adelaide/AvCon friends <3 But I'm not sure how long I'm staying... Have to find a job and all that junk *sigh* But.... I'm sooo unorganised!!! My suitcase still isn't packed.. I still have washing to do before I can pack too -_- Arghhhh
Anyways. I went into the city yesterday, spent 6 hours walking around the city shopping! Thankfully I met up with Pi Jie early on and so I had some great company! *huggles Jie* We had a quick lunch at a new hot pot place on Swanston St. Wasn't fantabulous or anything, but was ok, don't think I'll be going there again in a rush though...
After our lunch we ventured around the city shopping and stuff. I finally managed to buy something (If you've been shopping with me you will understand the significance this....) Jie introduced me to some shops that I've never seen before, they were quite... well.. interesting... I think we both had a great time shopping and chatting. I'm going to miss Jie alot *sigh* as well as my other Vet friends.
So far I've spent today... buying groceries, dropping my cupcake (It was soo nice... Hope you enjoy it birdies!), wrapping presents (One of my favourite activities... i'm so weird!) and listening to some music. Once I've finished this I shall do my washing and finish packing my suitcase before making dinner.. Hopefully I don't slack off and I actually make the hamburgers today ^_^;;
Oh yeah.. i've been debating about colouring my hair.. i'm not sure what colour.. Anyone have any suggestions?
Take care guys! I hope that you all have  great New Years Eve! Even if you do end up spending it at home!

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Boxing Day Blues~~

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 02:43 pm
mood: indifferent indifferent
music: Van Morrison - Moondance

So anyways, its Boxing day.. and I'm bored senseless... Its cold and raining so I can't go out for a walk, I have a huge set of DVD's to watch but none are of any interest right now... I have 1 or 2 costumes to make for next year, but currently I'm quite out of shape so I can't really do much to them as I plan to be losing some weight in the new year... There's noone online to chat to (as people have lives.. unlike me -_-). So I guess I'll just waste a few mins whining about my christmas day...
So yeah... in the last 7 months our family has changed significantly with the addition of 4 babies... 1 being Ambre (Amber in English) being my Uncle Shorty and his partner Veronique's baby girl, 7months, 1 being Ashley, My recently married Aunt Cathy and her husband Geoff's baby girl, 2 months, and the last 2 being Michael Jr and Sapphire, my brother and his girlfriend's Dannii's twins, 5months!
I should point out, to anyone that has failed to notice, I have a severe dislike of children... particularly those under 3.. And anything to do with them -_-.Now.. Imagine spending o.. lets say... 12 hours with this family.. who have turned baby mad.. Who insist on trying to hold these babies for as long as they can... make weird sounds... Clean up puke and smelly bums... and ONLY talk about these little babies or anything to do with them... I can easily handle an hour of it.. I can stand 2 hours of this treatment... but by the time it hit 7 hours I was looking for ANY excuse to be away from these babies... And sadly I could not find an excuse... Not even Veronique's GORGEOUS Burmese cats could make up for the babyness that surrounded me all of yesterday nor provide a good enough excuse to not hold a baby *sigh*
So anyways.. Christmas wasn't all too bad.. if u remove the babies! I woke up a bit to early to decorate the Trifle, which I forgot to take a picture of before it was devoured... AGAIN... At lest everyone enjoyed it ^_^ We also had a GREAT meal provided by Shorty and Veronique, after an argument about the  roasting time of beetroot! With some lovely chocolate mouse, pudding and fruits! 
One of my closest friends Jolene also gave me a really sweet phone call some time around lunch! I rarely get phone calls.. But when I do they are greatly enjoyed... well the ones from friends are.. So anyways Jolene was having a great christmas with her Mum and dad which as nice to hear ^_^ Unfortunately we ran out of time so I couldn't hear about how spoilt she got.
Shortly after our 'lunch' we proceeded to the lounge room where "Santa" gave out our presents. I got a really pretty towel set from my brother, girlfriend and twins, some perfume and moisturizer from my Kris Kringal cousin Malissa (we did a Kris Kringal to save people some monies this year) and a nice set of placemats and matching chop sticks from my dad, as well as the iPod I got a few weeks ago, also from my dad. SO yeah I was thoroughly spoilt as normal.
We were then visited by one of my uncles friends Vin (I think thats how its spelt...) Who was an excellent pianist and guitarist! We were showered with pretty music for a few hours. Vin even played one of my favourite songs, Moondance, on piano, accompanied by my dad on guitar! It was quite well played, though spoilt by a few cries and screams *sigh*
We finally headed home about 10:30pm where I got to drive one of my aunts and my grandmother to their homes before taking my dad and myself all the way back out to whoop whoop land! i'm not very fond of driving in places that I don't know very well, and even less confident when its dark AND raining.. But I guess I need to deal with that..
I finally got home about midnight.. and heard that one of my close friends isn't having very much luck the past few days.. and there's not much I can do for him, as he is away! But I know things will turn out for the better in the end he's too nice a guy to have bad things happen to him!  *huggles*
I'm not even quite sure if this post makes sense, but anyway... We have one of my dads friend's dogs, Jenna, visiting for the day so I should make the most of it and get my arm ripped off.
I shall now go out and walk the dogs in the rain, then maybe I'll go finish my dress or something...

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My first post!!!

Dec. 24th, 2006 | 03:21 pm
mood: amused amused
music: Love love love no sei na no yo!

So here it is... My first post! I guess I should make it worthwhile huh?
Well I guess I have Sly to thank for this journal, he kinda put the idea into my head. I then started a poll that 'cheese'  almost won, as opposed to yes or no... Harai and his ideas -_- So I have now succumbed to the wonders of a live journal... HALP!
Anyway... I recently graduated from Veterinary Science at the University of Melbourne, and am yet to find a job! Our graduation was great, it was held on the 2nd of December. Mitchell flew down from Adelaide for the weekend, which was very muchly appreciated and enjoyed by all! The ceremony took about 2 hours as we had a few rather large faculties graduating with us, so that was a bit... well.. prolonged... The graduation dinner was great! I got to wear a hot red dress that my uncle bought for me, and a lovely necklace from Mitchell and his family. It was held at The Grand Hyatt, so we had a wonderful place to wine and dine as well as dance the night away! But they didn't have raspberry lemondade!!! Unfortunately it ended all too soon and we all had to head home on rather sore feet and  sleepy heads.
I also went ice-skating for the first time a few weeks ago with Jolene, Jess and Pi Jie. It was a great experience! I only fell once... Trying to jump and 'tag' one of my friends, quite hilarious. We spent 2 hours skating and talking, as girls do, while 'learning'  from a really nice guy who was taking time out to show us how to skate, and how to do a few tricks. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time, even though  Jess broke her duck bracelet when she fell on it T_T.
Anyway, its Christmas eve and as such I shall have to go upstairs to make my famous trifle to satisfy the extended family.. and my dad! I still have to wrap some presents (and also buy some)...Busy time for me!
So... Bai bai!
Merry Christmas to everyone ^_^ *huggles to all*
Time to COOK!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!

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